Gold, columbite-tantalite, cassiterite, and wolframite (and their respective metal derivatives, Gold, Tantalum, Tin, and Tungsten) (referred to here as "G+3T minerals") are sometimes used in consumer products. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its surrounding areas have vast reserves of these G+3T minerals.[1] Unfortunately, many of the G+3T minerals from this region of the world are illegally sourced and traded by armed groups who are responsible for various human rights violations throughout that region. Accordingly, these G+3T minerals, when sourced from the DRC and surrounding areas, have become commonly known as "conflict minerals.”

Destination Maternity Corporation ("Destination Maternity") does not condone the use of conflict minerals that fuel human rights violations in the products we sell. We at Destination Maternity are committed to avoiding the inclusion of conflict minerals as functionally necessary parts of our products where such conflict minerals and derivatives originate from the DRC and surrounding areas. To that end, effective on January 1, 2013, we require that each of our suppliers who provide us with products which include, or may include, any G+3T minerals or derivatives ensure that there are no conflict minerals sourced from the DRC or surrounding areas and identify and verify that their sources of G+3T minerals or derivatives incorporated into products sold to Destination Maternity are conflict free. Annually, and upon any change in raw materials or products supplied to Destination Maternity, our suppliers must certify to us that any such G+3T minerals or derivatives used by them (where they are necessary to the functionality or the production of the subject product) either do not originate from the DRC or surrounding areas, or come from recycled or scrap sources. We also require that our suppliers implement other reasonable actions explained in our Conflict Minerals Certification to ensure that conflict minerals that may be used in products supplied to Destination Maternity do not originate from the DRC and surrounding areas. In addition, this "conflict mineral free" requirement is reiterated to each of our suppliers on our standard purchase order terms and conditions which are part of every order submitted to our suppliers. Please see our vendor website at for a copy of the above referenced certification, and our standard purchase order terms and conditions.

Our most recently filed Conflict Minerals Report is publicly available at the following web page:


The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act requires large retail companies, like Destination Maternity Corporation (“Destination Maternity”), to inform our consumers of our efforts to eliminate slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain.

We hereby endeavor to conduct business with vendors who share our belief that:

(a) Employees of our vendors should be compensated fairly, as required by applicable law;
(b) Employees of our vendors should be provided a safe environment in which to work, as required by applicable law;
(c) Employees of our vendors should not be discriminated against in accordance with applicable law;
(d) Employees of our vendors have the right to freely associate and to collectively bargain; and
(e) Illegal child labor, forced labor, and coercion are each unacceptable business practices.

In furtherance of the foregoing, we currently have the following procedures in place:

(a) Each of our vendors are required to certify to us that that they will, among other things, comply with our Global Labor Practices (GLP), which addresses each of the items listed above. Our GLP is included in our vendor certification, which must be signed prior to an order being placed.

(b) Destination Maternity carefully considers selection of its vendors. In particular, Destination Maternity is risk averse to doing business with vendors in countries that do not have what we consider to be adequate human rights protections.

(c) Either an employee of Destination Maternity, or a third party directed by Destination Maternity, conducts periodic on-site audits on selected vendors to ensure material compliance with our GLP, including to evaluate risks of human trafficking and slavery. Audits are announced with short notice to vendors based on Destination Maternity determined risk level or quantity of goods ordered. In the event an audit determines that a vendor is potentially non-compliant with an aspect of the GLP, we may terminate our relationship with the vendor or provide recommended corrective measures that must be implemented within a certain defined period. During that period, the vendor must fully cooperate and allow Destination Maternity or its third party representative full access to the site, full access to the vendor’s records and full access to vendor’s employees. Destination Maternity retains the right to pull orders and cease business with a vendor based on a violation of our GLP.

(d) Beginning in December of 2011, our employees who are directly involved in ensuring compliance with our GLP and assessing risks such as slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain receive training through an outside program.

(e) For new vendors providing services to us on or after January 1, 2012, we have included in our vendor certification an affirmative statement that the material incorporated into products made for us comply with the applicable laws regarding slavery and human trafficking of the country or countries with which they do business.

(f) An employee engaging in activity which is prohibited by our GLP would be subject to discipline, up to, and including, termination.

By actively taking the above measures, Destination Maternity is doing its part to prevent slavery and human trafficking in our supply chain.

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